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KJT HR Audit Check Up

KJT HR Checkup is not just a compliance audit. We offer full service Audits for businesses of all sizes.  We Audit for OFCCP Compliance and Federal and State DOL Required Compliance. We recommend an annual audit for all businesses no matter the size, but we especially focus on Government Contractors to insure proper compliance for contract maintenance.

KJT HR Start Up Doc Pack

For those small businesses that cannot afford the cost of a full HR Implementation. We have a starter pak that will get you on your way.


HR Professional Traning

KJT HR CONCEPTS offer onsite and online training solutions for HR Professionals and C Level Management. We understand that HR professionals are busy so we limit our training to 90 minute seminars either for onsite groups or lunch and learn webinars.

Benefits and Compensation Solutions

We work with company executives to develop benefits design and packages based on their organization’s goals and needs, we work hand in hand with brokers to establish those packages and make them affordable for the employer and employee, and market competitive.



KJT HR Checkup Audit

Get started on your full service audit today.

Recruiting Solutions

KJT HR Concepts offer a variety of recruitment solutions for our clients, we can assist you with outsourced recruiting for your business, or we can assist your onsite recruiters with difficult recruitment needs.

Interim HR Staffing Solutions

We have a highly qualified and well screened team of HR Professionals that are ready to go as soon as the same day that the client contacts us, all levels of HR, and all functions are available for interim staffing.

Payroll Administration Solutions

We have dedicated Payroll Specialist on staff that will assist you with payroll processing, specifically for small companies and startups that cannot afford the overhead of a full time payroll person.

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