New Year!! New HR Laws
By Kim Todman
Principal HR Consultant
KJT HR Concepts LLC

New Year!! New Laws and Regulations take effect.  As we come into a new year, there are several changes that are sleighted to take effect in the Human Resources World, many will affect your business and employees in some manner, we wanted to outline a few of those changes for you, and review the importance of making sure that you Human Resources Function is fully compliant and functioning with the Best Practices.

In 2019 Many States will see an update in their Minimum Wage, please audit your Employee Status and make sure that you are compliant, having to go back and rectify a minimum wage payment mistake can be extremely expensive for businesses, you have to make sure that you are compliant in every State and City and County that you have workers in, please make sure that you update your posters as well.

There are also several States that have implemented new Leave Laws, make sure that you are in full compliance with those updates, it is not only important for the State that you are operating out of, but also for the States that you have Employees working in, this is a common mistake for many businesses, they focus on compliance for their Corporation State, not realizing that they need to be compliant with the State Laws where they have employees performing work.

Heads up for what’s coming down the road in 2019, there is proposed rulemaking legislation for a Change in the current Overtime Rules, so keep an eye out for this as it progresses.  The stand out in these proposals is the DOL plans to reevaluate the salary level for employees who are counted as “exempt,” or unable to earn overtime pay. The rule would also define the process for calculating that salary level going forward. It’s unclear exactly what the new rule will say about the salary limit, but the DOL under President Trump has signaled that overtime eligibility is likely to expand for certain employees.

Make sure that your Human Resources Representative is up to date on all the new Laws that took effect on January 01, 2019 and that coming down the pike for 2019.