KJT HR Start Up Doc Pack



For those small businesses that cannot afford the cost of a full HR Implementation. We have a starter pak that will get you on your way.

The Doc Pak contains all of the legal compliant documents that every New Company will need to get started. It consists of over 25 compliant Document Templates to get you started. The Pak includes:

Application Templates
Employement Ageement
Consulting Agreement
Independant Contractor Agreement
Offer Letter for Contractor and Full time Staff
Employee Data Form
EEO Self Identification Form
NDA Forms
Basic Employee Handbook Template
Business Ethics Policy
Harrassment Policy
EEO Policy
Internet Usage Policy
Time Reporting Policy
HR Implementation Checklist
And much more

Purchase of the Packet will aslo give you access to a free 1 hour consultation from one of the following specialist.

HR Specialist
Benefits Specialist
Compensation Specialist
Recruiting Specialist
Payroll Specialist

(Immediate Online Access)


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