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Starting a new business is difficult, there are many moving pieces that need to come together, KJT HR CONCEPTS believes that if you build a solid business foundation in the beginning it will grow along with you, that is why we believe that every business should make sure that they have a quality, sound and compliant HR Structure in place from day one and from the first Hire. We work with the company owner to establish those HR processes that are required as well as those that are a part of the company mission and vision.

During our Start Up Implementation process we provide the following:

  • We develop policies and procedures, we develop HR Compliant documents
  • We develop HR Compliant documents
  • We develop and implement recruitment and hiring processes
  • Benefit Designs
  • Compensation Structure
  • HR Training manuals
  • Handbooks
  • Onboarding materials
  • State and Federal Compliant Offer letters
  • Employment Agreements and other required forms
  • and so much more

Not only do we implement the process but we assist in walking it through until Management feels comfortable with placing a full time professional in the HR Role to run the day to day function. A great deal of start-ups cannot afford the overhead of a quality full time HR Professional, we offer a very reasonably priced option for them to get started.

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